Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Red Umbrella

“I wouldn’t touch a superlative again with an umbrella”
Dorothy Parker 1893-1967

My beautiful, adorable wife and her gorgeous multitalented sister are reopening the most fantastic, delightful, fun consignment store west of the Mississippi. It’s called Red Umbrella and it’s reopening today at its new location-120A Kentucky Street in downtown Petaluma, CA. They sell fabulous women’s fashions, unique furniture and amazing accessories. I think maybe you should check it out. Oh, the outrageous and almost unbearable joy to be had!

Here's a sneak peek


  1. Wow, It looks really nice. Thanks for posting these. They are the first photos that I have seen of the new place. Great!!

  2. Your wife and sister-in-law's shop looks fantastic! One day I'll make it out to your area and will surely be loading up on goodies from The Red Umbrella. My aunt and uncle have plans to build a home in Cambria, so as soon as it's finished, my husband and I are planning a 2-week CA trip!

  3. OOOH! Look at that great couch!

  4. how nice this is! Wish I lived closer so I could have a look! Some of that furniture is just my taste :)
    Also I absolutely love the first photo!

  5. First pic...magnificent. The sofa -slightly hysterical here - is a must have!!!


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