Friday, June 4, 2010

Product Placement

“The trouble with us in America isn't that the poetry of life has turned to prose, but that it has turned to advertising copy.”
Louis Kronenberger 1904-1980

Is it "art copies life" or "life copies art"?


  1. What an astute quote! Great capture of the (2) lighthouses, heh. Vintage campers were like modern art, really quite attractive and interesting in design all the way up through the 70's. Sure, the RV's of the past 30 years offer more creature comforts, but boy are they ug.

  2. THAT IS GREAT! I notice the painting on the side of the RV doesn't have telephone poles and wires in though LOL! I love this one.

  3. How true,from the sweatshirt we wear to people even tatooing thier faces with ad's. The picture and thought speaks volumes. I also really like your previous post.

  4. Nice post... with great question ;)

  5. is there an ad for the RV in the lighthouse?

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