Friday, February 24, 2012

The Bottom Line

“Sailing is just the bottom line, like adding up the score in bridge. My real interest is in the tremendous game of life.”
Dennis Conner

Here’s another sailing picture for today. I’m not sure what the score of this bridge game is but I do know one’s gaining on the other. That’s the new span of the Bay Bridge in the back with the current one in front. Hopefully the new bridge will be done by the time the America’s Cup Finals will be held here on San Francisco Bay in 2013.


  1. Nothing is more beautiful than a white sailboat sailing in the wind.

  2. Interesting picture, such a great contrast between the beautiful sleek boat and the monstrous bridges.

  3. There's always something special about bridges, both small and very large ones.

  4. I've sailed very very little, but I did enjoy it when I did. I do love sailing shots. Very nice.


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