Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two For One

“It takes a long time to grow young.”
Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

Today is the birthday of my wife and my niece. Here’s a shot of one of them, a few birthdays ago. Can you guess which one?

Happy birthday sweethearts!


  1. So, it's a nice day !

    And a pretty good portrait (of your niece ?)

    You know Picasso also said, looking at drawings made by children, he waited 60 years to be like them... to paint like them... kind of illustration of what psychologists can say about children and drawing (children paint what they know)...

  2. I guess this is your beautiful wife, Don :)
    Lovely picture.
    By the way, - it is my sisters birthday today, aswell!

  3. I wonder that could be his wife ... lovely photo!

    Kisses and best wishes for the two "girls"!

  4. Hi there Don, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. Happy birthday to your sweethearts. Lovely shot here. I also totaly fell head over heels for the laundry first shot. Amazing shades you've captured.
    Keep up the fun work and see you around in blogland.

  5. Aaaww, so cute!!!! Your niece :)

  6. Oh, very cute. I guess it is your niece!

  7. Great photo. Your niece?
    Happy Birthday to them both.

  8. Adorable photo!
    Many happy returns to the ladies!

  9. I think you would have been a little too young to have taken your wife's photo. Your niece is a cuttie.

  10. Happy birthday to your wife and to your niece Isabella.


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