Thursday, August 5, 2010

What’s the Meaning of This?

“Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.”
Jean-Paul Sartre 1905-1980

Kristina has made her mark. Forever. Or at least a very long time. Wasn’t necessary. Next time I hope she sends a card.


  1. My Step-Father says if he were "Ruler of the World" anyone spray painting rocks would be shot on sight! {I live in place loving referred to as "The Rock" or the "Granite Planet"}
    I think I may agree with him...
    People are crazy.
    {would make nice wedding invites, a prop or something...Using soluble chalk or better yet, photoshop}

  2. I agree with Andrea, or indeed her stepfather. I cannot see the point in this. And it certainly wasn´t necessary.
    Don, I thought your comment regarding my "I love my mother" -post was hilarious. Thanks. I needed that. And I might take your advise;)

  3. Makes you want to slap Kristina and then make her scrub it off until it is ALL gone. Of course by then Mark will be with some other girl.

  4. I do not like to see names like this where it won’t go away. But this has been done for a long time. My mother lived in an apartment in Paris in the Marais and had an individual cellar for her use. I remember when I helped her move some stuff down there we were surprised to see dates like 1789 and names next to it, then little lines like if someone was trying to track the days. That would have been during the revolution so I guess someone hid down there. The marks and names are still there I am sure.

  5. A terrible way of showing affection. She could have shown his love by letter, phone, SMS, e-mail, music, painting a picture, writing in the sand ... many forms of love ...

    There are people who have not the slightest notion of what nature is ...

    Great topic, Don!

    Kisses with love, darling.

  6. The paint on the rock will probably last much longer than their relationship.

  7. You wrote to me;
    You have given me the blues (in a good way). :)

    I write to you;
    You have given me a sensual spirituality, through this post with your photo and your poetry!

    Thanks Don, you know you're the best!


    Agneta, the swe.....


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