Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apples and Oranges

"It's like comparing apples and oranges"
American idiom

Sometimes I have apples for lunch . Sometimes I have oranges. Let's compare.
Sometimes photography is "real". Sometimes it is "fake". Is it better to be a "purist" or a "cheat"? Are answers really better than questions? I'm really getting lost here. Can you find the oranges in the picture below? You can "cheat" and see some real fruit by putting your cursor over an orange if you can find one.


This weeks theme for Corner View is "what's for lunch". Let's see what's cooking in the blogs below. Thanks to Francesca for hosting, Dorte for choosing the theme and Jane for getting this whole thing started.

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  1. seriously? you're posing me far too many nerve wrecking questions for lunch here! how to digest it all?
    also, who is dipping into photoshop overload here, although seriously interesting? ;)
    ps - over here the idiom is made out of apples and pears, same connotation. ha ha ha...

  2. that's some lunch. Very nice post :D

  3. this is fun!!! I would love have a lunch with you!!

  4. I like your visual games :) I'm leaning towards purism, but not in forced way. Sometimes cheating says more about the true nature of things than showing it the way you perceive it (hope this is good english)

  5. These are some colorful apples and oranges my friend. xo

  6. Woolf- Photoshop? Never heard of it.

    I have heard about the European apples and pears thing but I didn't want to open that can of worms. Or, as they say in Europe, that bag of snakes.

  7. A fun lunchtime CV today. I should eat more apples and oranges, but just never get around to it. Must do better!

  8. ugh, too many questions, i'd rather just have an apple. but i will not choose one from your photo as i don't like oranges and am afraid i might pick one instead of an apple. or does the different color make them taste differently as well?

  9. Thoughts for food, they said...
    Important questions...

  10. ha ha, you were getting lost ;P

    oil canister is widely available (I've read it's been one of the most copied/counterfeited designs in spain :)

  11. Normally I keep my hands off green oranges, you know? But I'd love to try blue apples! Or maybe not...might be genetically modified! Or at least photoshopically... ;o))

  12. I think that a cheating purist is close to truth ;)

  13. le blOg d'Otli- Or perhaps a pure cheater.

  14. Photography is like writing: a novel doesn't have to be real and factual, but needs to be well written. Having said that, I like my apples green :)

  15. I have no answers,
    but will turn to the book
    Green Eggs and Ham,
    to see if there's any
    advice from Sam.



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