Friday, November 4, 2011


“In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential”
Suze Orman

At first I couldn’t tell whether this surfer was welcoming the ocean or confronting it. It turns out that he was just loosening up before he played with it. Anyway, I liked his stance as well as how the sea was blending into the foggy sky.

Warning! Text and texture are seeping into my photos. The purity of my art is in jeopardy but I do have a cure. To see the unblemished photo just hover the cursor over the bottom half of the photo.



  1. You playing with the image of the guy waiting to play with the waves - double fun!


  2. I'm so impressed of what you can do with your photos.

  3. I like your artful way with your photo, very cool.

  4. Lucky me that I clicked on your blog today.
    Very interesting picture, I'm a yoga and climbing woman so stretching is double important, in body sense and in your quote-sense.
    I could stretch my photoshop/blog knowledge asking how you did it.
    But will my time stretch too?

  5. Don, thank you for visiting Polonica: Home Again and leaving a comment.
    All your photos, apart from being wonderful, seem to be so peaceful and calm (I didn't see all posts, just the few most recent ones). I find that the quote you chose today is specially relevant in my life these days. Stretching in that sense is very exciting and rewarding and also scary a bit.
    I've joined your sight - I want to learn more about photography from your photos.

  6. P.S. I meant to type "I've joined your SITE" not "sight" :-)

  7. Wow! Nice work, effects... A big surprise. Stretch the limits... nice idea. Sky is the limit?

  8. Hey!!! Super ideia!!! I liked it very much, honey!


  9. Dude, you're magic. Love 'em both. :)

  10. me too, love how you captured that moment of getting ready!


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