Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Roadside Attraction

“Logic only gives man what he needs. Magic gives him what he wants.”
Tom Robbins from Another Roadside Attraction

The theme overs at Demie’s blog is “Another Roadside Attraction”. She invited other bloggers to join in, so here’s my version.

This roadside attraction is a mirror image of a mirror image. It’s a large oily puddle on a parking lot that I shot with my iPhone . To make a little magic, I flipped the scene upside down and added it to the top of the original.


  1. The attraction is defenitely there, great light and the most beautiful wintry colours, x

  2. dear Don,
    except from using one of my favorite Robbin`s quotes ,
    i find your magical photograph extraordinary!

    i read now a Tom Robbin`s book, "B for beer", not one of his best, but it makes me laugh a lot, and thats a very precious thing .... there he talks about the tiny little seam that separates the world we live in from the magical world, some of us suspects exists beyond...

    with this photo you have managed to cross that seam.... Thank you : )

  3. I'm wondering how you managed to turn the puddle without spilling the water! ;o) Magic!

  4. great quote!!
    but your image
    it is magical
    and I do not understand how you did it
    but, I do not want to know
    it is just great as it is

    great contribution on this challenge!

  5. Dear Don,

    Well, that's what I call a real magic!
    I have no clue how you've done it (I can only think about hours of Photoshop...;-)but - I love it.

  6. That is beautiful in a surreal way:)

  7. Wow that does things to the brain. Nice job.

  8. iPhone rocks :)

    It is magical Don, and you have been the magician for a while.

  9. Quite an interesting picture, like an ink blot test. takes some time to figure out.

  10. my, fancy bumping into one another in norway! thought you'd been tweaking a little here above... anyway, hi. 's been a while...

  11. Say captain!
    Hi, Don, sorry, I'm late.
    Nice to meet you and your surreal double flipped pic. Of course it is an 'another roadside attraction'!


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