Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Greatest Love

“But the greatest love -- the love above all loves,
Even greater than that of a mother...
Is the tender, passionate, undying love,
Of one beer drunken slob for another.”
Irish ballad

One of the best places to practice the greatest love is Doolin, a small village in County Clare, Ireland. The three pubs in Doolin- McDermott's, McGann's and O'Connor's- are renowned worldwide for their traditional Irish music.

May you have a warm and not too fuzzy St. Patrick’s Day.


  1. What's that saying again? From the mouths of babes and drunkards...

    I like the colored houses!


  2. Oh I want to go to Doolin. I'm already in love with its name! That is a cute moon in a lovely sky.

  3. Top of the mornin' to you, Don.

    That looks like a lovely, quaint spot. The quote cracked me up.

  4. Lovely and easy to find your way home after a night of professing the "tender, passionate, undying love," to another beer drinker in the pub :-).

  5. Your poem made me laugh. Love the photo, it's really picturesque.
    Yesterday I wore a golden shamrock that my dear m-i-l brought back from Ireland. Of all of the places she had traveled, I think she liked it there the best.

  6. That is a cosy looking little place and very amusing quote.


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