Monday, March 19, 2012

The Quilted Hills

“We find the Works of Nature still more pleasant, the more they resemble those of art.”
Joseph Addison 1672-1719

My wife is a quilter. This weekend, she showed a couple of her quilts at an amazing quilt show called Voices in Cloth 2012, "Extraordinary Quilts by the Bay" put on by East Bay Heritage Quilters. Now my whole world looked like a quilt. These are the hills just outside Livermore, California.


  1. quilted and beautiful Don, i can imagine how the light changes those colours like all the time.

  2. I like the title "quilted hills" it brings to mind such colourful and pleasant images. Thanks,

  3. The Quilted Hills, I love that Don. It sounds like part of a song. Something that conjures beautiful visions, and stirs fond memories.
    Congratulations to your wife for her hard work and the recognition she deserves.
    There is a piece of land near me, very similar in "feel" to the one in your photo. It literally "swirls" into itself, and is one of my favorite things to behold with my own eyes.


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