Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mighty Task

"In Rapturous appeal;
Here nature, free since time began,
Yields to the restless moods of man,
Accepts his bonds of steel."
From The Mighty Task Is Done
Joseph B. Strauss 1870-1938

Here’s another Golden Gate Bridge shot. The guy balancing on a fence post is one of the thousands of tourists who come to admire the beautiful span every year. He was posing so his buddy could take a picture.

Joseph Strauss was the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge. The quote is from a poem he wrote about the building of the bridge. This year is the bridge’s 75th anniversary.


  1. he is the king of the world ?
    great shot, beautiful bridge

  2. Another beauty. I want to go do that pose now.

  3. Great photo, but no different than the many others you post. You have a great talent for taking great photos or finding great photos. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! Sometimes I dream of bridges between men... not walls...

  5. Everytime I'm in SFO I have to stop by this bridge. Great shot. xo


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