Friday, February 19, 2010

Butter Dish

"Eat butter first, and eat it last, and live till a hundred years be past."
Old Dutch proverb

And then drop dead of a heart attack.



  1. thanks for the constant stream of fantastic, thought provoking photos...and of course the laughs!

  2. this is the most beautiful ode to butter i've ever read !
    beautiful pic...oozing with softness!
    have a great week end
    (ps: and thanks for the Berkeley bells)

  3. Lovely light patterns.

    But don't count on living till 100. ,-)

  4. Mmmmm...I ate a buttered up biscuit with honey for breakfast this morning. I may have to pop more of them in the oven for dinner. Healthy, I know. Yummy photo, in so many ways!

  5. LOL, wishing you a good health :) I love the way you have framed this shot.

  6. Godmorning mr Ffocuss, you made my day again.

    What a beautiful composition, butter, image and text, lovely!


    Agneta, a swedish one o;)

  7. Hahahaha....:-)
    Never heard of the proverb, but it sure sounds true from what I have seen. Anyway....GREAT shot!!! Love the light, reflection of the glas on the table, the it!


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