Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Artist

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.”
Charles Horton Cooley 1864-1929

This is the Castlerigg Stone Circle in Cumbria England near Keswick. The circle was built between 2500 and 1300 BC during the Neolitic and the Bronze Ages. It is one of the best preserved stone circles in Britain.

There is a man sitting against a stone in the middle of the picture who I thought was meditating but he was not. He was sketching the scene behind me in his sketchbook. Or maybe he got a quick sketch of a photographer taking a picture of an artist sketching a photographer. Infinity.


  1. Although this is a photo of a stone circle I love the softness in it. It's all flowing gently.

  2. Almost looks like a painting itself. Very tranquil and soft.

  3. OMG Don, that is so cool. When were you there?

  4. A great scene, a great photo, a perfect "eye" !

  5. Diane- We visited England and Scotland last year.

  6. Hi Don,
    Do you still want to do corner view? Either way is fine, no worries. Jane and I are updating the list, it has gotten long. Please let me know. Thanks Theresa

  7. Really nice photo's here!
    I love England, if I could...I would go and live there, of course in the south....a little bit warmer ;-)


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