Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Wild Blue Yonder

“Oh! `darkly, deeply, beautifully blue', / As someone somewhere sings about the sky.”
Lord Byron 1788-1824

Window seat heaven.


  1. cool shot, traveling somewhere!!

  2. Blue above and blue below, you have to be over the ocean. Nice shot.

  3. Gorgeous, vivid colors. I love flying, it's just one of those times where, unless you are part of the flight crew, or are a pilot, that your fate is just something you primarily half to accept. I don't mean that in a fatalistic way it's just that whatever goes right, or wrong up there, isn't really in your hands. It's such a freeing sensation. You capture that well here, just the endless vista, and you can practically see the curve of the planet!

    Let's see if I can do this from memory (which means I'm VERY likely to fail) but it reminds me of that Plato quote (on the death of Socrates) that went something like, "The soul takes flight into the land invisible...(and goes on to say something like "and upon arriving knows bliss forever more")"

    Doesn't that picture look like the Land Invisible must be just over that curve?

  4. "La terre est bleue comme une orange" (the earth is blue like an orange) a famous surrealist sentence. Love the take! Happy weekend!

  5. Wonderfully vivid colours - the photo spells freedom and flight.

  6. I love a window seat!! Beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing it with us. =0)



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