Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Climb Begins

“When you reach the top, that's when the climb begins.”
Michael Caine 1933-

I found this mural of aspiring folks on the side of a hotel in Walnut Creek, California.

This week’s Corner View is “favorite actor”. Michael Caine is a great actor but he is also an inspiring teacher. Listen to a bit of his advice here. There are more favorite actors in the blogs below. Thanks to Theresa for hosting and Skylar for the theme.

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  1. A dreamy vision ! And a nice choice with Michael Caine.

  2. yes he's also a favorite in our household ("not many people know that"). you exerted great discipline choosing just one!

  3. I agree with mll paradis. what a discipline. He is one of my favorites too!
    and ... the photo is really amazing :)

  4. Climbing on into the sky in the clouds,- well, I had hoped my climbing could end there, hm...

  5. You did it again!

    For a moment I thought you had to borrow a video on youtube or something to portray some favorite actor scene. I should've known better;)

  6. besides acting advice, it's a keeper for life! so british, caine... i adore the quote;

  7. I liked what he said. I think I have seen this mural, when we were there a couple of years ago :)

  8. great pairing, choices, and advice:)


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