Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Box of Tricks

“Man, proud man, dressed in a little brief authority, like an angry ape, play such fantastic tricks before high heaven as make the angels weep”
William Shakespeare 1564-1616

This was a tough one. All I could pull out of my box of tricks was a clown, a chicken, a rabbit, and a bunch of balloons. Mouse over the box and, if you are an angel, try not to weep.


This weeks theme for Corner View is "box of tricks". For more tricky boxes, see the blogs below. Thanks to Francesca for hosting, Mlle Paradis for choosing the theme and Jane for getting this whole thing started.

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  1. It seems Le Petit Prince inspired you too ;)
    Nice magic "box".

  2. very cool! (now i want one...) :)

  3. I am going to stay here all day, playing with this.

  4. wonderful! it must have been "tricky" to make all the edits:)!

  5. what a nice box you have made :)

  6. i could have guessed someting in the style of... however, taken by surprise still...

  7. Yes, some of these cornerviews are getting very tricky to pull off. Have a happy week!

  8. Ha! You must have had a lot of fun putting that one together! Really nice!

  9. trying hard at this not weeping (or not being an angel, for that matter) ;P


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