Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On My Wall

“The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living”
Russian Proverb

This is a leaf mask that I smuggled out of Italy to give to my wife for Christmas a few years back. It's now hanging on the wall of our computer room/office/guest bed room. I added some texture by sandwiching in a photo of a wall of a local winery.

This weeks theme for Corner View is "on my wall". Check out what's on some other walls in the blogs below. Thanks to Francesca for hosting, Elsa for choosing the theme and Jane for getting this whole thing started.

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  1. This is really special. I love the textured color. The eyes look a bit sleepy---a rather calming persona for a mask. How wonderful to get that for your wife!

  2. Just can't stop thinking about the way back home: how id you reached to bring it back without any damage? Seems so fragile. Interesting!

  3. I thought it was a real leaf and really, it won't be hard for me to believe nature performed for you.

  4. Thought it was a photoshop trick again! ;o)
    Very unique!

  5. You've got an eye for beauty, Don!

  6. oh happy sandwich!
    and oh lucky wife... ;)

  7. I'm trying to understand how one would smuggle a leaf out of my country, or did you smuggle it into your country? As woolf said, lucky wife!

  8. I like this and cool job on the extra texture.

  9. It is mysterious and lovely!


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