Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The End

“The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A Death! What's that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you're too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last nine months floating...and you finish off as an orgasm.”
George Carlin 1937-2008

These Scottish lassies were very cheerful about the coming apocalypse. Judging from their spelling, they were not all that concerned.


  1. They almost make it look / sound like fun. Ha! The End! Hurray ;-)

  2. Yeah! That's a great ideia, honey!

    Have a wonderful 2011, with love. To you and yours.

    Kisses and warm hugs from Brasil.

  3. That George Carlin was a smart fellow.
    Cute lassies.

  4. That's probably the funniest thing I've ever read... First time I've heard it... Imagine the mind that that came out of... Wow...

  5. It would seem they might agree with George. Cute pic.

  6. Great photo and quote.
    Happy New Year to you Don!
    Hope you have a fanTAStic 2011!
    Many blessings to you my friend!

  7. Colorful picture with colorful spirit!

    Happy New Year.

  8. Love the G. Carlin quote. He was not only funny, but there was some wisdom in his comedy. Happy New Year!


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