Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Seven Stages of Parking

"Stage 1: You're a kid. All you have to park is your butt.
Stage 2: You're a teenager and are out parking with a girl who has a good chance of being your future wife.
Stage 3: You're married with kids and are now parking at a McDonald's with a play area.
Stage 4: The kids have grown and are working, coincidentally, at McDonald's. Meanwhile, you've bought yourself a sports car and are caught parking with a girl who has no chance of being your future wife.
Stage 5: Now you're parking in the garage, where you're also living.
Stage 6: You're old; no license, no car, no parking spot.
Stage 7: You're parked. Permanently. You have your own parking spot. It even has your name over it."
Red Green (from the Red Green Show)

I’m trying to avoid stages four through seven.


  1. Ha ha!
    "No parking" is the new formula to prepare Revolution.

    And... I don't eat at a McDonald's... Is it a first step ???

  2. Funny, McDonald's seems like the destination, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

  3. I thought I'd seen nearly every Red Green show but I hadn't heard that one. Great. I'm with you on 4 through 7.


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